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17/01/2012 Luckiest Day EVER!!

Today I woke up and did not have the slightest inclination that this would be the ending…

The total value of all the body parts, wisbones, rear differential, shocks, fuel tank, jacks, toolbox and contents, steering rack, brake discs, spacers for rear diff, is around R16,050.00…. 

I paid R3,800… for ALL OF IT!!! 

Definitely chopped a few months off the build time and now its more assembly. I am going to finish the other frame and car that i started, but for now I want to drive this one and then build the other over a long period :)

Happy Days :) 

I saw the add this morning phoned the guy and picked it up late this afternoon. He is a lotus builder from Belgium. He has been building since the age of 17 and has built in total 22 Lotus cars. 

He gave me quite a bit of advice and and ideas on what to change :) 

Here are pics of what i have, obviously i need to clean the surface rust off but that will be a day of brushing and soaking in coke….

Front shock, mud guard and brake disc. 

Right hand side wishbones assembled with upright. 

Fuel tank

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